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Are you looking for new ways to progress your career?

Are you trying to climb the ladder of success and enhance your professionalism?

If yes, you have come to the right spot!

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Are you looking for new ways to progress your PROFESSION?

Are you trying to climb the ladder of success and enhance your professionalism while maintaining your integrity on serving your clients??

If yes, you have come to the right spot!

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Why Should You Join XB4?

Collaboration, adherence to modern practices, and excellence are central to the XB4. As the only independent multinational accounting and professional consultancy firm, we take pride in offering new opportunities for our clients as well as our people.

XB4 (former big 4 firms) was founded by the professionals who decided to quit the Big 4 Firms and use their years of resourceful experiences to offer cutting-edge and innovative professional financial advice and solutions to its as clients as a priority one . We believe in offering progressive, modern, and effective problem solving solutions to our clients to help them grow and move up in their respective fields, without involving clients with the firm’s reputational issue over the substance.

The professionals at XB4 combine their years of experience at the Big 4 firms and a strong commitment to perfection to offer the best value on the market. We engage in a sincere interest in meeting our clients’ needs and expectations regardless of the scale of their business and without thinking and considering first the firm’s name.

For professionals, such as managers who are looking for moving to the next level of promotion to become directors, directors who are looking for admission to be partners, and partners who are looking for more fair income and  simplicity/freedom, and more importantly a real partnership, XB4 is the place, solution and an opportunity of a lifetime.

We are looking for people who already have their own firms, or want to establish their firm from scratch, or planning to leave their current firm to start their own.

If you have similar qualifications, resourceful experience, and you share our values, you do not need to wait for a vacancy. You can get in touch with us and join us today. We openly welcome like-minded professionals who share our vision. Here are our key requirements from you:

  • You should be professional.
  • You should have experience.
  • You should have a good reputation and a successful track record to attract clients through connections.

If you satisfy the key requirements mentioned above, you are always welcome at XB4.

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What Are the Benefits of Joining XB4 or Becoming a Member?

While all member Firms maintain complete independence, our shared network enables us to offer every professional service that a client might need throughout its lifetime, producing tailor-made solutions in a complex economy, anywhere in the Globe.

Moreover, we offer special opportunities to our people for professional growth with every passing moment. Here are some of the benefits of becoming an affiliate or member Firm of XB4.

Together We Can

Networking Opportunities 

Every year, XB4 members and employees have plenty of chances to join a wide variety of networking and industry-related activities worldwide to expand your foreign connections while staying up to date with global concerns impacting the accounting profession and your clients.

Moreover, if the interests of your clients are outside of your local or national field of competence, you can refer them to another XB4 member Firm with the assurance that they can provide the same quality level of service you offer.

Once you have joined the XB4 family, other XB4 member Firms will also refer you to new business and opportunities.

Enhance Your Knowledge of International Practices

With XB4, you can get daily updates and alerts on international standards and regulations that concern your professional activities and impact it.

XB4 organizes real-time and online conferences and offers professional guidance and links to a wide variety of online and offline tools such that the network can exchange foreign market expertise. Members and employees can enjoy these benefits from XB4.

XB4 members and employees will be able to enjoy skills representing a wide variety of resources from public accounting, tax, business management, company rehabilitation, and financial advisory and consultancy.

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Raise Your Brand Awareness

XB4 members will be able to capitalize on the benefits of the XB4 network’s strong reputation and an internationally recognized concept and brand.

XB4 is an association committed to the transparent and good quality principles of multinational financial reporting and auditing standards.

XB4 can also help you raise your professional and technical expertise and improve the quality of the client’s service you provide.


At XB4, our People, as well as Partners, get paid what they are worth.  When you join us as a Partner or a member, you get what you bring to the table. There are no hidden, unfair shares or overhead costs. You get paid for your skills and contributions, and we understand the importance of valuing your dedication to the Firm as it’s your own.

Choose Your Future

Ultimate Freedom

At XB4, you get ultimate freedom, simplicity, an opportunity to grow and promote your professional career and serve your clients in a transparent and professional way. That’s our simple strategy, no complications.

Member firms will also have the opportunity to enjoy freedom while enjoying our conceptual brand name and professional services. We believe in “no strings attached,” and we are here to offer the best possible financial advisory services and brand-new growth opportunities to our clients, members, people, and the overall business communities.

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Whatever questions you might have, our professionals are here to answer that. Contact us now.