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Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) in the UAE update

Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) in the UAE update

October 24, 2020

ESR Report Template Released The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has just released the format of the ESR report required for the reporting of the economic substance regulations in the UAE in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. 57 of 2020 (“Amended Regulations”), along with updated Guidance clarifying the amended ESR through Ministerial Decision 100 of 2020

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VAT update: E-Commerce guide

VAT update: E-Commerce guide

August 15, 2020

 E-Commerce VAT Guide in the UAE E-commerce (also known as “electronic commerce” or sometimes referred to as the “digital economy”) generally refers to supplies of goods and services over the Internet or a similar electronic network, with products and services being sourced or supplied by electronic means, such as through a computer, phone website or

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Time-Frame For Recovering Input Tax

July 28, 2020

A recent FTA’s published ‘Public Clarification on the Time Frame for Recovering Input Tax’. According to the clarification, inputs tax can be claimed when: the tax invoice is received; and an intention to make the payment of consideration of the supply before the expiration of six months after the agreed date of payment is formed.

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Zero Rating of export of services

July 26, 2020

FTA’s latest VAT Public Clarification on Zero-rating of export of services is an answer for a widespread misconception on the Zero-rating VAT treatment on services being classified as “export” by the taxpayer. Under this clarification, the FTA clarifies once again what we have emphasized in our latest Webinar on the place of supply role in

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The Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) in the UAE

July 11, 2020

The Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) in the UAE On 10 August, 2020, the UAE Government has issued Cabinet Resolution No. 57 of 2020 (“Amended Regulations”) along with updated Guidance clarifying the amended ESR through Ministerial Decision 100 of 2020 dated 19 August 2020 (“Amended Guidance), which update and replaces the original ES Regulation (Ministerial Decision

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VAT executive regulations


July 10, 2020

The Executive Regulation of the Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017 on Value Added Tax, that was issued by the Cabinet Decision No. 52 of 2017 – on 26 November 2017, has been updated through the Cabinet Decision No. 46 of 2020 – dated 4 June 2020. The primary and essential change is related to

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(ESR) notification

July 9, 2020

The UAE Ministry of Finance (“MoF”) has provided an update under its FAQ section on clarifications of the requirements to file a Notification to Relevant Authorities under the UAE Economic Substance Regulations (“ESR”) by 30 June 2020. These clarifications confirm that businesses with fiscal years ended after 31 December 2019 are not required to file

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