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The Value Builder System

What is your business future?

So You have Built a Successful Business. Now What?

Whether you want to sell it or pass it to your loved ones one day, an exit is inevitable and you do not want to leave money on the table.
Have a detailed exit plan? Do you know what your business is truly worth? Having no plan can cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the longer you wait to outline and execute a plan, the more difficult it will be to drive your ball to the green. You may find yourself quite a bit off course without a clear shot at a great business sale or exit strategy.

It starts with knowing what drives your company and business value.

We have Built a Step-by-Step Process

This process is designed to help you understand what drives business value today and into the future, and then put you in control of these key business areas.

  • View your business through the eyes of a potential buyer: The Eight Value Drivers
  • Hone in on the areas that could negatively impact receiving a premium offer
  • Make improvements to better position your company for that premium offer and build your profit along the way
  • Industry-specific advice on the right improvements for your business

You will benefit from industry-specific expertise earned by our participation in more over 200 office systems buy/sell transactions.

The 8 drivers of business value

It has been proven that the value of a company or business is not driven only by its financial performance. There are other seven key important factors that are impacting the value of a company and its sellingness.

The chart below summarizes these important drivers.

The 8 Drivers of Company Value

To learn more, you may take the survey and then you will receive a free report, or feel free to contact us.

Your business value could be 71% higher
Get Your Value Builder Score

The Value Builder Score

Whether you want to sell your business now or decades into the future, getting your Value Builder Score will allow you to:

  • Diagnose what may be holding you back from creating a company that can fully thrive without you.
  • See how an acquirer would evaluate your business, enabling your to focus today on what will be important dow the road.
  • Identify hidden things that may quietly drag down the value of your business so you can eliminate them before they become a problem.
  • Pinpoint the part of your business that will have the most value to an acquirer so you can invest more resources in areas likely to be most attractive to an investor or acquirer.

Three Reasons To Get Your Value Builder Score

Three compelling reasons business owners need to get their Value Builder Score.

Three Reasons To Get Your Value Builder Score

Three Steps to Get Your Value Builder Score

This graphic details the Three Easy Steps to take The Value Builder Score – simplifying the effort for business owners and encouraging them to follow through with the survey. Combining this graphic with the Value Builder Overview video has proven to increase follow through.

Are you really ready to Transform or exit

Take the PRE-SCORE Readiness questionnaire for a free report

Complete the questionnaire and get


Personal Freedom Score

There comes a time when the sale of your company will generate enough income to fund the rest of your life. We call it the Freedom Point.


Business Value Growth

The Value Growth Program is built specifically to position the business to attain the highest valuation. We begin with a thorough analysis of the current position of the business and then custom design an action plan which will increase its value. Designed to ensure that owners do not leave money on the table when they exit.



The Value Builder Engagement Program is a consulting program that lays out the steps or modules you can work through in order to increase your company value and better position for a premium offer when you are ready to sell. 

XB4 is a certified Value Builder Advisor that can guide you through each module along the route. Our expertise will help you ensure the result you’re looking for.

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