Fraud Examination and Litigations Support

Fraud Examination and Litigations Support Dubai UAE

What it is

Fraud examination is the investigation of fraud, which is defined as deception with the intent to deceive and/or scam, through documentation, accounting records, and other techniques.

Fraud examination can help you tackle the risks while conducting business through investigating any irregular financial activities, performing surveillance, background checks, and evidence discovery.

How it affects your business

A good reputation is synonymous with success. Fraud examination offers businesses full confidence by detecting risks, resolving disputes, responding to threats, and most importantly preventing vulnerabilities and irregularities.

XB4 fraud examination team of certified experts goes the extra mile to tackle risks and help boost business’ performance. XB4 offers robust, credible solutions for clients to deal with:

  • Fraud and corruption
  • Tracing funds and assets
  • Intellectual property
  • Financial crimes
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Managing risk when buying or selling
  • Commercial disputes

Why XB4

With the growing effects of globalization and technology, not only new opportunities have emerged, but also new risks. XB4 provides businesses with a wide range of services covering both litigation support and investigative accounting. We at XB4 use best practices and standards, and look beyond numbers to identify and report any fraud risks.

XB4 Investigative Accounting:

  • Assessing the situation
  • Helping recover of assets
  • Coordinating with other experts
  • Assisting with necessary course of action

XB4 Litigation Support:

  • Obtaining necessary documentation
  • Forming an assessment of the case
  • Reviewing the damage report
  • Assisting with settlement negotiations
  • Providing assistance with cross-examination

Our attentiveness, insight, and experience will also help you maintain your organization’s financial and reputational value when faced by crises.

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