What it is

Restructuring is the act of reorganizing the operational, legal, or other structures of an organization in order to fulfill strategic goals or to solve serious risks to avoid critical complications.

When restructuring is done right, the organization will be more efficient, better organized, and focused on its modified strategic and financial plan.

How it affects your business

Restructuring is a means of eliminating financial harm and enhancing the business. In certain cases, restructuring is forced on the business to fix serious challenges facing its continuous existence.

When restructuring your business internally, processes, operations, and even departments may change to ensure your business is fully integrated. Moreover, parts of your company may be sold to investors, positions may overlap, and certain jobs may be eliminated.

Why XB4

At XB4, we work directly with management to stabilize the business, reorganize borrowings, rebuild performance, enhance profitability and build a stable platform for sustainable cash flows and growth.

Our restructuring process involves:

  • Strategy review and assessment
  • Performance improvement
  • Cash and working capital strategy and management
  • Shareholder management and negotiation
  • Distressed financing and refinancing
  • Cost optimization and control
  • Asset divestment
  • Exit planning and implementation
  • Debtor, creditor, or court-driven formal restructurings

Our restructuring professionals are willing to go the extra mile for your business to reach its potential. Our team draws on a portfolio of financial, operational and management experience. We are ready, willing, and able to do the impossible, as testified by some of our restructuring clients.

All the above should result in more efficient and profitable business operations. However, if restructuring was not done properly, it could lead to business liquidation.

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