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Tax Agency in Dubai, UAE

XB4-Dubai branch is a UAE-registered tax agency and agents by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). We are one of the leading, experienced, and professional Tax consultants in UAE. We specialize in the delivery of world-class professional services in Financial Management. We have a dedicated team of highly experienced Tax specialists experienced in all activities. We will act as your tax agency and represent your business before the FTA for tax-related issues. The tax agent services provided by the XB4-Dubai branch ensure that all of a Tax Agent’s responsibilities are understood and carried out.


A Tax Agency is a legal entity licensed to operate as a Tax Agency and has registered with the FTA as a Tax Agency.


A Tax Agent is a person registered with the FTA who a Taxable Person can appoint to represent them before the FTA and assist in fulfilling their tax obligations and exercising their tax rights. A Tax Agent can assist taxable persons to fully meet their tax obligations and save them the time and effort required in compliance.

According to the Art. (15) of the Federal Law No. (7)-of-2017 on Tax Procedure, “A Taxpayer may appoint an FTA Tax Agent to act in their name and on their behalf with regard to their tax affairs before the Authority, without prejudice to that Person’s responsibility before the Authority.”

A Tax Agent is usually engaged by their clients through the Tax Agency with which they are associated in order to provide tax-related services, which could include:

  • Helping the businesses register with the FTA;
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns to the FTA on behalf of the businesses;
  • Maintaining tax-related records and information;
  • Enquiring about tax-related matters with the FTA;
  • Submitting requests for reconsideration of decisions issued by the FTA;
  • Preparing and submitting VAT refund requests in cases of excess recoverable VAT;
  • Representing the client with the FTA, facilitating and offering assistance during a Tax Audit; and
  • Providing the FTA with all the information, documents, records and data upon request.


XB4 can handle all of a business’s tax matters, allowing the owner and key management personnel to focus on other essential tasks. We only do the best for our clients, and our considerable experience in the UAE will ensure that your business receives the best and most timely services without sacrificing quality.

Following are the advantages of hiring XB4 as your tax agent in UAE:

1. Assists in Tax Assessments & Tax Representations

The filing of returns and payments does not end our tax duties as Tax Agent. We can be of greater assistance during tax assessments and tax representations before the Federal tax authorities, which are more complex by nature and require more significant expertise. XB4 would assist and simplify all these formalities for the taxpayer, thereby easing his burden before the tax authorities.

2. Helps You Save Time & Money

Engaging one in the company’s tax affairs involves a lot of time and effort. The duties and responsibilities are unlimited and include everything from VAT registration, VAT planning and VAT advisory to regular VAT compliance in UAE. It becomes a time consuming and costly affair to dedicate resources and manage the tax affairs. Appointing XB4 will not only save time and cost but also offer additional advantages one would gain from our unique knowledge and expertise in dealing with various clients

3. Assists in Tax Implementation & Registration in UAE

New businesses and existing businesses getting registered for VAT in UAE might lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to register, plan, and implement VAT in their daily operations. VAT implementation requires understanding the business transaction processes and the corresponding VAT implications. Once XB4 across different business processes successfully implements the VAT implications, VAT compliance would be much easier.

4. Assists You in Filing Your Returns Timely & Accurately

Filing returns with the Federal tax authority in UAE is a regular task and should be done on a timely basis and with great accuracy. Delay and inaccurate returns attract huge penalties from the Federal Tax Authority. XB4 would plan and assist you in filing returns periodically and accurately.

5. Acts as a Long-Term Advisor

XB4 can act as a long term advisor throughout multiple business transactions. We can advise you on any significant changes in government policies, modifications in tax laws, tax-related updates, and other related clarifications.

The benefits of hiring XB4 outweigh the costs. Hiring one for your company is the best choice you can make.

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