Tax and VAT Services Dubai


We at XB4 are here to guide you through the regional and global tax transformation by offering a holistic range of tax services to help your business flourish.

We invite you to leverage our team of experts that is always prepared to provide you with the knowledge, insights, and strategies related to all tax disciplines, including direct tax, indirect tax, and tax planning.

Service Types of Tax

Tax Agency Dubai

Tax Agency in Dubai

As a tax agency in Dubai, XB4 can handle all of a business’s tax matters, allowing the owner and key management personnel to focus on other essential tasks.

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Tax Planning

Tax Planning Services in Dubai

Tax planning is a comprehensive process of analyzing financial position, income resources, and other factors and situations according to tax laws and regulations or practices.

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US tax for expatriates

Expatriate Tax Services

US expatriate tax applies to US citizens, residents (Green Card holders), and corporations/businesses that move to or have branches in another country outside the US.

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UAE Corporate Income Tax

UAE Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

Corporate tax, or company tax, is a direct tax imposed on the capital or income of a company.

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Excise Tax

Excise Tax (ET)

Excise tax (ET) is an indirect tax charged on specific goods or services, usually of high social cost, such as cigarettes.

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VAT Consultants in Dubai

VAT Consultants in Dubai

XB4 is on of the leading VAT consultants in Dubai offering a wide range of VAT consulting services including creating a VAT implementation strategy and Identifying and preventing tax risks.

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