Why XB4?

Who Are We?

If so, then you have come to the right spot!

Inspired by our name, XB4 is the brainchild of professionals who left the Big 4 firms to create a genuine partnership firm.

This firm combines years of experience at the Big 4 firms and a firm commitment to offering the best value in the market. We believe in a genuine interest in serving our clients’ needs regardless of the size of their company.

Are you looking for uncompromised professionalism

Are you interested in high-quality services based on the industry’s best practices

Are you looking for Big 4 quality at a competitive fair fee?

Are you interested in service over a brand name?

Why Should You Trust XB4?


Competitive Fees

At XB4, we are committed to providing top-notch services to our clients at a fraction of the cost. Our marketing budgets are much lower than those of the Big 4 Audit firms, making it easier for us to deliver at highly competitive rates.


Enhanced Organization Structure

Alongside streamlined marketing, XB4’s tighter organizational structure gives us a competitive advantage over more prominent firms in several dimensions.


Cutting Through the Red-Tape

We adhere to international professional standards, best practices, and internal controls without the added complexity of the big firms’ risk management. This allows us to lower our rates for our clients. We say no to the unwanted complexity.


Quicker Turn-around Time

Management in big firms is centralized, leading to substantially more extended time frames on meeting deliverables. As a tighter-knit unit, XB4 can follow industry standards and deliver your needs promptly.


Equality in Client Management

No client is “insignificant.” We serve companies and organizations of all sizes. No client is “small” in our eyes. At XB4, every client is treated with the same care and professionalism. We consider each clients’ industry carefully before offering our professional opinion and services.

What Sets Us Apart from The Competition?

Often times, big firms tend to focus on offering multiple services to a single client. While this is an amazing opportunity for the clients, it may often lead to potential conflicts of interest. This is why sometimes; big firms are inclined to bend the rules by altering the names of the offered functions.

At XB4, we put our client’s interests above our own and do not alter the rules.
Our approach combines several key ingredients that make XB4 unique and differentiates it from other firms


Thorough understanding of the applicable standards and regulations


Strong competency in the best local and international industry practices


Incorporation of the latest and the best technology


Individualized research


Tailored strategies


Accessibility to our clients and communities


Trusted, transparent, reliable, and timely services

Our methodology is based on our approach and is reflected across our line of services (LOS)

Audit Services Dubai

Assurance & Audit

  • International Standards on Auditing (ISAs)
  • Internal Controls
  • Risk assessment in the initial phase
  • Cost-benefit analysis for implementing improvements and preventive controls
  • Benchmarking with best practices
  • Materiality based on uniform standards
  • Adopting not only the applicable standards but also considering the client’s industry.
Advisory Tax Dubai

Advisory & Tax

  • Performance review
  • Understanding and testing
  • Impact analysis
  • Transition support
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring

Why Should You Choose Us?

XB4 is not just another name, but a hub of experienced professionals. They bring together their years of experience working for the Big 4 firms and blend it to offer the best and modern strategies for your business.

We offer competitive fees, quick turnaround time frames, and minimal complexity. We stay true to modern practices and believe in providing tailored strategies after reviewing our clients’ individual needs. We believe in a simpler, better, and a profitable future for our clients.